The award-winning documentary on the inspiring life 
and prophetic work of Nick O'Neill.

Nick O'Neill

In the winter of 2003, a catastrophic fire erupted in a Rhode Island concert club, ultimately claiming 100 lives. For this state of just over a million residents, the devastation was profound, leaving unanswered questions and deep scars in its wake. But out of the ashes of the tragedy arose an equally profound story of hope.

One year after the fire, a community theatre in the small city of Woonsocket gathered together to perform a play called They Walk Among Us written by the fire's youngest victim close to the end of his life - a play that many felt could only be described as prophetic. In turn heartwarming and heartbreaking, 41 tells the remarkable story of Nicky O'Neill, the young actor, writer and musician who left the world at age 18 but who left behind a message of deep spiritual importance that has already inspired thousands. Co-directed by Christian de Rezendes and Nicky's oldest brother Christian O'Neill, 41 weaves together the story of a beautiful life cut short with the saga of a community in mourning and a family finding its way out of the darkness.

41 has also received a number of awards including Best Documentary-Narrative by the Blue Mountain Film Festival (Ontario) and Best Soundtrack from the Director’s Chair Film Festival (Staten Island, NY). The film also played at the Woods Hole Film Festival in August. Most recently, 41 has been acquired for distribution by NEHST Studios.  41 made its broadcast premiere on Rhode Island PBS in November 2009 and continues to be shown in special screenings.

Film critic Phil Hall of, has hailed 41 as “a much-needed reminder of all that is good in the world… a soul-enriching experience, one of the year’s finest accomplishments.”